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Decorating Cakes

Cake decorating is an art. Whether you just want to write "Happy Birthday" or do something more elaborate, this site will help you make that birthday cake even more attractive and fun. Add delight to any special occasion and it's the personal touch that will be appreciated by everyone present. While anyone can slap some frosting or sprinkle some powdered sugar on a cake, true decoration takes patience and skill. It also calls for a little imagination.

Thomas the tank engine cake

Decorating cake is a fascinating hobby, enjoyed by many people of all ages. It is a craft formed by creative mind and enjoyment for the decorator. This site will give you many suggestions and ideas gained from true experiences of many people. Decorating cake should be pursued by learning through experience as you progress from novice to become an experienced decorator.

This site will guide you how to decorate cake from the early basics of to the more intricate details. We will explain all the basics to the advanced techniques you'll need to create your unique masterpiece.

Before You Begin

The cake you'll be decorating must be completely cooled before any icing even gets near it. When it's finished baking, let it cool in the pan for 15 to 20 minutes before placing it on a cooling rack. Following that, it will take several hours to cool. You might even consider baking the cake the day before you decorate it, and then refrigerating it overnight. You can also prepare and refrigerate the icing beforehand if you're so inclined.

Another key to successful decorating is knowing the overall look you want before you start. Take a look at some pictures of decorated cakes (bridal or food-related magazines are a good source), or visit a local bakery for some ideas. Once you know what you like, it'll be easier to create something dazzling.

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